Rail-less Roof Solar Mounting System

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PRO.ENERGY rail-less roof solar mounting system is made of high-quality AL6005-T5 & SUS304, high strength & anti-corrosion, longer service life.

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PRO.ENERGY design the rail-less roof solar mounting system light, cost-effective and easy mounting on color steel tile. It requires only four clamps to install the modules directly to the roof, which is easy to carry and attach to almost all kinds of color steel tile roofs. What’ more, allows for easy logistics, cost-effective warehousing and easy mounting. Widely favored by customers with beautiful appearance design and surface treatment; Also, the engineer team ensure us the special customized design is also available.


PRO.ENERGY rail-less roof solar mounting system that are installed like rail-based solar mounting systems with separate roof attachments and interlocking module connectors. The systems are designed with focus on easing installation and reducing installation time and cost.


Install Site Commercial and residential roofs
Adjustable angle 10°—  60°
Wind speed Up to 46m/s
Snow load < 1.4KN/m²
Clearance Up to request
PV module Framed
Foundation Concrete base
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304
Module Array Any layout up to site condition
Standard JIS C8955 2017
Warranty 10 years



1)      Material-saving and has high installation flexibility, ​achieve easy installation, time-saving and reduced roof load

2)      Applicable for various module dimensions.

3)      Clip lock is provided with EPDM for not only water-proof & leak-proof, but also better grip and stability, thus with stronger wind resistance.

4)      Strong adaptability: customized available for various rooftops

5)      Recyclable and customized available.

6)      At the same time, because of its small size, it is very convenient to transport and carry.

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