Farmland Solar Mounting System

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PRO.ENERGY supply farmland solar mounting solution to make it possible to support solar system in the agriculture region. The bracket provides a sustainable energy solution for farmlands that requires a running ventilation system. It can optimize your sustainable energy production while staying within your budget.

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PRO.ENERGY can supply cost effective and efficient farmland solar mounting system in a variety of loading conditions. There are huge area for farmers, utilize these spaces for solar power would great benefit for peasants.Our solar farm mounting system can offer great PV module installing solution for farm lands .PV (photo voltaic) solar farms can be large scale in field, desert or pasture .Solar modules are installing high above ground, this can guarantee use of sun power but not effect growth of crops .Whatever large or small, we have proper BOM for your farm sizes which can ensure set your solar panels on .



Farmland solar mounting system is part of photovoltaic agriculture. Photovoltaic agriculture is a combination of solar power generation and agricultural planting and breeding.It can be used in many fields such as greenhouses, livestock roofs, fishing and light complementary, and animal husbandry and light.It can also be used in different places such as barren hills, barren slopes, fish ponds, greenhouses, etc.




Install Site Farmland
Adjustable angle 0°—  60°
Wind speed Up to 46m/s
Snow load 0-200cm
Clearance Up to request
PV module Framed, Unframed
Foundation Screw piles
Material Hot dip galvanized Q235,ZAM,SUS304
Module Array Any layout up to site condition
Standard JIS C8955 2017
Warranty 10 years






1) The system is made of HDG high-strength carbon steel material, which is strong, anti-corrosive, durable, and has a long service life.

2) Simple structure, easy installation, and adjustment reducing operation and maintenance costs;

3) Simple maintenance for our farm agriculture solar ground mounts

4) Economize the land utilization with agricultural farming and solar power generation.


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