Concrete flat roof steel ballasted solar mounting system

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PRO.ENERGY supply ballasted roof solar mounting system suitable for concrete flat roof. Made of carbon steel designed in stronger structure with horizontal rails support for better strength withstand high snow and wind pressure.

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- Applicable for concrete flat roof

- No damage on roof, without using of extension bolts

- Quick installation by easily assembled clamps

- Stronger structure with horizontal rails withstand greater wind&snow pressure

- All tilt angle 0° - 30° available for better power generation



Install Site Flat roof, Open terrain
Tilt angle Up to 30°
Wind speed Up to 46m/s
Snow load < 1.4KN/m²
Clearance Up to request
PV module Framed, Unframed
Foundation Concrete base
Material HDG Steel,Zn-Al-Mg Steel
Module Array Landscape, portrait
Standard JIS, ASTM,EN
Warranty 10 years


U shaped rail
pre-assemble clamp


Pre-assemble module clamp

rail connectore
pallet assemble

Rail connector

Ballasted pallet


ballasted roof mounting
Flat roof solar mounting
zam steel ballasted mounting


1.How many types of roof solar PV mount structures we supply?

Rail-less system, hook system, ballasted system, racking system.

2. What materials you design for PV mounting structure?

Hot dipped galvanized Steel, Zn-Al-Mg Steel, Aluminum Alloy.

3.What’s advantage compare with other supplier?

Small MOQ acceptable, Raw material advantage, Japanese Industrial Standard, Professional engineering team.

4.What info are required for a quotation?

Module data, Layout, condition at site.

5.Do you have a quality control system?

Yes, strictly as per ISO9001, full inspection before shipment.

6.Can I have samples before my order? What’s the minimum order quantity?

Free mini sample. MOQ Depends on products, please feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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