Rooftop Solar Racks For Roof Solar Mounting System,

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PRO.ENERGY rooftop solar racks for solar mounting system is made of aluminum alloy 6005-T5 & SUS304 stainless steel, which is strong, stable, and high anti-corrosion resistance.

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PRO.ENERGY Rooftop Solar Racks for a strong and sturdy support for solar modules, is engineered for the maximum flexibility possible in designing for commercial and residential solar roof system. It is applicable to large-scale flat roof module installation. PRO. Energy supply it with high pre-assemble eliminate the need for on-site cutting, welding and enables quick and easy filed PV module installation. Also, the engineer team ensure us the special customized design is also available.


PRO.ENERGY Rooftop Solar Racks is widely used in concrete surface and flat roofing. The systems are designed with focus on easing installation and reducing installation time and cost.


Install Site Commercial and residential roofs
Adjustable angle Up to 60°
Wind speed Up to 46m/s
Snow load < 1.4KN/m²
Clearance Up to request
PV module Framed, Unframed
Foundation Concrete base
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304
Module Array Any layout up to site condition
Standard JIS C8955 2017
Warranty 10 years



1)      Quick install, flexible for numerous solar panel array base on various sizes and layout;

2)      Strong adaptability: customized available for various rooftops

3)      Steel wind shield can reduce wind resistance (wind loads) effectively;

4)      Tilt angle for this ballasted racks can be up to 60 Degree;

5)      No need to penetrating and causing damage roof surface;

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