Zn-Al-Mg coated steel ground mounting system

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Fixed Mac steel ground mount is made of Mac steel which is new material for solar mounting system that it performs better corrosion resistance in the salty condition. Less processing steps comes shorter delivery period and cost-saving. Pre-assembled supporting rack design and piles using will cut the constructing cost. It is fit solution for the construction of large-scale and utility-scale PV power plant.

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    PRO.ENERGY design Mac steel solar ground mounting system for installation of large-scale PV project especially require for high anti-corrosion and better strength agains high wind loading.  


    Why Zn-Al-Mg coated steel ground mount?

    - Highly corrosion resistance

    The  structure is made of ZAM steel that perform better corrosion resistance as per SGS report of Salty Spray Test. The addition of AI, Mg elements further enhance the corrosion resistance in dozen times.

    - Long lasting

    The feature of self-repair of Mac steel comes for longer practical life.

    - Convenient  in processing

    No need for surface streatment, abrasive resistance, easily machining producing.

     - Higher cost-effective

    The technology imported from Japan has been developed in China for many years and can be supplied in lower cost.



    Install Site Open terrain
    Adjustable angle Up to 60°
    Wind speed Up to 46m/s
    Snow load Up to 50cm
    Clearance Up to request
    PV module Framed, Unframed
    Foundation Ground screws, Concrete base
    Material Zn-Al-Mg coated steel 
    Module Array Any layout up to site condition
    Standard JIS,ASTM,EN
    Warranty 10 years




    Standing Post


    Screw Plies


    ZAM steel solar mounting system
    ZAM Solar mounting system
    zam steel solar mounting system
    zam solar mounting system


    1.      How many types of ground solar PV mount structures we supply?

    Fixed and adjustable ground solar mounting. All shapes structures could be offered.

    2.       What materials you design for PV mounting structure?

    Q235 Steel, Mac steel, Aluminum Alloy. Steel ground mounting system has absolutely   price advantage.

    3.       What’s advantage compare with other supplier?

    Small MOQ acceptable, Raw material advantage, Japanese Industrial Standard, professional engineering team.

    4.       What info are required for a quotation?

    Module data, Layout, condition at site.

    5.       Do you have a quality control system?

    Yes, strictly as per ISO9001, full inspection before shipment.

    6.       Can I have samples before my order? What’s the minimum order quantity?

    Free mini sample. MOQ Depends on products, please feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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