Aluminum Alloy ground solar mount system

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PRO.FENCE manufactures and supplies aluminum alloy ground mount is consider the features of light weight and extremely easily assemble of aluminum profile. All rails, beams and standing posts of mount system are made of aluminum alloy are available in all structures including V、N、W shaped. Compare with other suppliers, PRO.FENCE add process of sandblasting before oxidation surface treatment to prolong the service life of aluminum ground mount.

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Why Sandblasting for Aluminum ground mount?


- Double surface treatment of Aluminum profile.


- Improves mechanical property of aluminum profile.


- Increases the adhesion of subsequence coating, prolong its durability.


- Improves the fatigue resistance of aluminum profile.

Sandblasting of aluminum mount system

Blast and Bright Oxidation

Features of PROFENCE Aluminum Alloy ground mount

- Easily assemble, safety construction

- Highly pre-assemble components save labor cost at site.

- Low maintenance and recyclable

- Dual processing of surface treatment for better performance of anti-corrosion

- All structures available including V、N、W shaped

V shaped ground mount
Nshaped ground mount
Wshaped ground mount

V shaped ground mount                              N shaped ground mount                                           W shaped ground mount

Install Site

Open terrain

Adjustable angle

Up to 45°

Wind speed

Up to 48m/s

Snow load

Up to 20cm


Ground pile, Screw piles, Concrete base


HDG Q235, An-AI-Mg

Module Array

Any layout up to site condition


JIS C8955 2017


10 years

Practical life



PRO.FENCE has factory in the north of China that could ensure ample supply of raw material at lower cost. All mount system by our factory production is for stable quality and fast delivery. Meanwhile, PROFENCE owns professional engineering team are all has 10years design experience they are skilled in non-standard arrays solar project and support technology aftersales. PRO.FENCE designs and manufactures ground mount and also accept OEM ground mount.


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