358 High security wire mesh fence for prisons application, building fencing for property security

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358 High security wire mesh fence is also refer to 358 anti-climb wire fence, 358 anti-climb mesh, prison security welded fence. It is mainly used for security fencing of prison, military and other field requires high security fencing.

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PRO.FENCE manufactures and distributes a range of weld wire mesh fence to meet many applications. We own efficient team and advanced machinery could supply goods within 14days after the receipt of order. Our QC team controls each procession part of fence include welding, bending, coating and we also offer service of pre-assemble of fence to save the time on site.

This type 358 High security wire mesh fence is made from mild steel. And normally finished in hot dipped galvanized coated. It is similar with other welded fence in procession but the mesh is small approximate to 76.2×12.7mm and by 4mm diameter steel wire. So it is extremely difficult to penetrate and attack using conventional hand tools. PRO.FENCE provides 358 anti-climb fence is made of heavy mesh with a high level of security in width 2500 mm and a height of 2000mm to 3300mm. Several panels can be installed on top of each other. Thus may be achieved a total height of 6300 mm.


358 High security wire mesh fence as anti-climb &anti-cut through barriers is ideal for fencing in

Prisons, military sites, industrial and commercial properties, power plants, secure hospitals etc.


Wire Dia.:4.0-6.0mm

Mesh: 76.2×12.7mm

Panel size: H2000-3000mm×W2400mm

Post: 60×60×1.5mm

Foundation: ground piles, concrete block

Fittings: SUS304 / hot dipped galvanized

Finished: Hot-dipped galvanized / Powder coated

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1) Made from quality carbon wire at least 4mm diameter and finish it in hot dipped galvanized coating (zinc coated up to 450g/m2). Those are playing outstanding role on anti-corrosion and long service life as well.

2) The mesh spacing of 76.2×12.7mm by 4mm diameter hot dipped galvanized wire makes it extremely hard to cut and climb. With barbed wire at the top, suit to be high level security fencing of prison, hospital, military base, airport and so on.

3) Easy to deliver and install.

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Item NO.: PRO-12 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA


358 High security wire mesh fence for prison military application (4)
358 High security wire mesh fence for prison military application (3)
358 High security wire mesh fence for prison military application (1)


  1. 1.      How many types of fence we supply?

Dozens types of fence we supply, including welded mesh fence in all shapes, chain link fences, perforated sheet fence etc. Customized also accepted.

  1. 2.      What materials you design for fence?

Q195 Steel with high strength.

  1. 3.      What surface treatments you done for anti-corrosion?

Hot dip galvanizing, PE powder coating, PVC coating

  1. 4.      What’s advantage compare with other supplier?

Small MOQ acceptable, Raw material advantage, Japanese Industrial Standard, professional engineering team.

  1. 5.      What info are required for a quotation?

Installation condition

  1. 6.      Do you have a quality control system?

Yes, strictly as per ISO9001, full inspection before shipment.

  1. 7.      Can I have samples before my order? What’s the minimum order quantity?

Free mini sample. MOQ Depends on products, please feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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