L-shaped welded wire mesh fence for architectural buildings

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L-shaped welded wire fence is commonly used as architectural fence, you can find it around residential, commercial buildings, parking lots. It is also hot selling safety fence in APCA market.

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The production process of L-shaped welded wire fence is similar with other welded fence. It is a steel fence using steel wire welded together firstly and secondly need bending machine to make L shaped at the top and bottom of fence. Finally, finished it in powder coating. It’s a high strength and durable wire mesh fence and also good-looking fence.

PRO.FENCE provides L-shaped welded wire fence in procession of electrostatic spraying technology and high quality powder material “Akson”. It make our fence is good at anti-corrosion, and has beautiful color. We advise the color of dark brown and white that also popular in our market. It is suit to commercial buildings. The soft shape and color can match with surroundings of buildings well.


L-shaped wire mesh fence is generally assembled with square post and requires the concrete foundation. It’s often used as safety and decorative fencing of commercial buildings, residential houses, parking lots.


Wire Dia.: 2.5-4.0mm

Mesh: 60×120mm/ 60×150mm

Panel size: H500-2500mm×W2000-2500mm

Post: 30×40×1.5mm

Fittings: SUS 304

Finished: Powder coated (Brown, Black, White, Green,Yellow,Grey)

L-shaped welded wire mesh fence


1) Attractive looking

The smooth shape of L curved at the top of fence with no sharp wire tips, and the muted color could decorate your buildings.

2) Durability

It is made from high tension steel wire and finish it in full powder coating make this fence more durable and prevent rust and corrosion.

3) Cost-effective

The direct installation method of one-piece post will short the period of construction and save the labor cost as well.

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Item NO.: PRO-10 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA

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