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Ground mounts allow you more flexibility. You will be able to access them with ease. Plus, you will not have to worry about obstructions, such as skylights and chimneys. A lot of individuals who choose solar as a DIY project will choose ground mounts because of the ease of access and flexibility. And if you are looking to produce the most energy possible, it is better to choose ground-mounted solar panels.

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PRO.ENERGY can supply cost effective and efficient solar mounting systems in a variety of loading conditions such as high strength withstand high loads caused by wind and snow. PRO.ENERGY ground mount solar system are custom designed and engineered for each site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor. Our meticulous project planning offer freedom and flexibility to support any unique design or engineering specification required. PRO.ENERGY ground mount solar system is an extremely low-maintenance and economic system.  

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It is a widely used to open field, not only for residential project, but also for the big commercial project.



Install Site Open terrain
Adjustable angle Up to 60°
Wind speed Up to 46m/s
Snow load Up to 50cm
Clearance Up to request
PV module Framed, Unframed
Foundation Ground screws, Concrete base
Material Hot dip galvanized Q235,Aluminum clamps
Module Array Any layout up to site condition
Standard JIS C8955 2017
Warranty 10 years



1) Mainly made of HDG steel and high-quality AL6005-T5 aluminum clamps applied, with strong anti-corrosion performance.

2) Main parts pre-assembled before shipment, no need processing on site, helps to save installation labor & time cost.

3) Cost-effective, individual & optimized design solution as per specific project condition.

4) All parts are tested to ensure strength requirements.

5) Can be adapted to different local conditions especially for uneven terrain.


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