Why Zn-Al-Mg solar mounting system increasingly comes up market?

PRO.ENERGY as the supplier of solar mounting system had specializing in metal works for 9 years , will tell you the reasons from its top 4 advantages.

1. Self-repaired

Top 1 advantage for Zn-Al-Mg coated steel is its self-repaired performance on the cutting part of profile when appearing red rust. As we know the rusting always start on the cutting part caused by processing or punching profile. However elements of Mg and Zn of Zn-Al-Mg steel will dissolve preferentially and deposit on exposed cut edges. Then stable alkaline zinc chloride is formed in the later stage of corrosion.

For demonstrate this conclusion, PRO.ENERGY spent few months to test it and the test results are consistent.

ZAM self-repaired

2.Longer practical life


The performance on anti-corrosion is 10-20times higher than hot dipped galvanized steel due to its self-repaired on cutting parts. Normally the Zn-Al-Mg steel solar mounting system could stand for using up to 30years in the neutral environments.


zam steel solar mounting system

3.High strength


The surface hardness of Zn-Al-Mg steel is higher than other steels including galvanized steel and aluminum alloy. So its friction coefficient is lower and looks more smooth on the surface.

4.Environmental protection


There aren’t any pollution include dust and waste gas emission during processing of Zn-Al-Mg Steel is comply with environmental requirements.


Speak of that, you may be interested however curious what’s the cost if using Zn-Al-Mg steel solar mounting system? Actually this type of steel has been mass produced in China for years since ZAM was launch in 1990s by Japanese Nippon Nissin steel. PRO.ENERGY purchased Zn-Al-Mg steel from listed SHOUGANG STEEL which owns the largest producing line of Zn-Al-Mg steel in China to stand the price of Zn-Al-Mg steel solar mounting system is lower than that of HDP steel and aluminum solar.


If you’re  looking for a long service as well as high cost-effective solar mounting system for your projects, welcome to contact PRO.ENERGY for solution.




Post time: Mar-01-2023

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