How many years your mounting structure could be used?

As we know the surface treatment of hot dipped galvanized is wildly used for the anti-corrosion of steel structure. The capacity of zinc coated is critical to prevent steel from oxidation then stopping the red rust occurred to affect the strength of steel profile.
So normally, the more zinc your structure coating the longer practical life is. Here we have a formula could help you to calculate out how many years it could stand exactly?
The below table indicates the zinc coated disappeared from 0.61-2.74μm per year in the different environment.
Zinc coating
(Provided by ASTM A 123)
We could see the structure located in rural could stand for 131 practical year, otherwise in the coast will only 29years. That is because the acidic and moist air will accelerate the oxidation of zinc.
Meanwhile, we could figure out the time to first maintenance as per ASTM A 123.
Time to first maintenance ASTM














Certainly the above calculation method is based on the theory is only for reference.

If you have issuses regarding the corrossion of solar mounting system, please feel free to contact PRO.ENERGY. PRO.ENERGY designs and supplies hot dipped galvanized solar mounting structure with zinc coated of 80μm is for project close to the coast for at least 29years practical life. And the galvanized technology has been developed for 10years is better than others. That’s also one of our advantages to support market successfully.
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