Perforated metal fence panel (DC style) for architectural application

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Whether it is for privacy, to reduce the noise level, or to regulate air and light flow, our customized perforation patterns can surely provide you with what you need. The perforated metal sheet allows air to pass through, breaking the air current allowing for a calmer and refreshing feel. Choosing the right perforation pattern not only provides protection but also adds artistic value to your property.

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The beauty of perforated metal lies in the fact that its indoor and outdoor applications are seemingly endless. The perforated metal sheet is the sheet metal has been mechanically punched to form many hole patterns. Its hard to beat when it comes to fence. Perforated metal panel is an ideal material for tough environments because it holds up against corrosion and it’s economical.

PRO.FENCE provides perforated metal sheet fence made of steel and finished in powder coated. Steels superior strength and weight makes it suitable for security fencing. And finished in powder coated make a wide range of color to meet your different decorative need. Except for fencing using, perforated metal sheet also have a wide variety of applications in construction projects, including acoustical wall and ceiling panels, railing infill panels, sunshades, and gates and many other uses. With a greater choice of perforated patterns, perforated metal sheet is becoming more popular in architect’s building designs and specifications.



Perforated metal sheets are multi-purpose products and have various applications as following:

Industrial and decorative applications

Modern architecture and design uses

Stairs, flooring and outdoor furniture

Outdoor decor that withstands rough conditions

Incorporated into machinery, it provides strength and support as well as maximum ventilation


It also be processed in fences and used as the safety and decorative barrier for your property.




1) Accuracy and Efficiency

Our advanced machinery could accurately processed perforated metal panels in customized dimension would ensure panels could satisfy your need and fit in together on site effectively.

2) Variety

We could supply perforated panel in various patterns including round hole, square hole, slotted hole and also supply it in various colors. It could decorate and add a certain charm for your property.

3)Long lasting service

Perforated metal fence is the best solution if look for a fence good at anti-corrosion and durable in long run. PRO.FENCE made it from galvanized metal sheet and done with electrostatic powder coated to ensure provide long lasting service.



Panel thickness: 1.2mm

Panel size: H600-2000mm×W2000mm

Post: 50×50×1.5mm

Fittings: Galvanized

Finished: Powder coated

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