Cold wave is coming! How does PRO.ENERGY protect PV mounting structure from snowstorm?

Solar energy as the highest effective renewable energy has instead of fossil fuels been recommended to use in the globe. It is an energy derived from sunlight are plentiful and all around us. However, as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, especially for high snowing region, critical of solar mounting structure is facing challenge of collapse caused by heavy snowfall.
How to preserving your mounting structure from heavy snowfall? PRO.ENERGY as the lead manufacturer of solar mounting system could share some advise summarized from 10years experience in Japan.

Material choosing
At present, the material profile used in designing solar mounting structure include carbon steel, Zn-Mg-Al steel and aluminum alloy. If considering cost-effective, the carbon steel of Q355 with C or Z section could be fit solution. Otherwise is aluminum alloy by adding thickness and height base on previous design if budget is substantial.


Structure designing
The snowing loading is different with the vary of region. That will require engineer design the structure as per specific snow loading data strictly comply with standards issued by each country. That is also why PRO.ENERGY must have site conditions data from customer before proposing solar mounting solution. The strong strength is one of key point in the design working for excellent solar mounting system. That could guarantee your structure be safety form complicated climate change.

Since firmed in 2014, PRO.ENERGY has supplied more than 5GW solar mounting structure spans Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc. Most of projects located in Japan where often snows heavily in the winter that make us accumulate a lot of experience could solve issues may occurred under it.
Choose PRO., Choose PROFESSION.

Post time: Dec-02-2022

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