How to install chain link fence


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STEP 1 Calculate how much material you need

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● Mark the exact spot where you want to locate the corner, gate and end posts with a spray paint or something similar.

● Measure the total length between the end posts.

● You will now be able to order the correct length of fencing you need (normally shown in meters).

STEP 2 Marking and installing end posts

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● Using a spade dig a hole for each of the corner, gate and end post locations

● The holes should be three times wider than the posts

● The depth of the hole should be 1/3 the length of the post.

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● Fill the holes using one of the following options

CONCRETE: For best results fill the holes with 4 inches of gravel and pat it down so that it is compact then add 6 inches of concrete on top. Then put the posts into the wet concrete and allow at least 1 day for the concrete to set. Fill the rest of the hole with dirt.2)

WITHOUT CONCRETE: Put the pole in the middle of the hole then fill the hole full of large stones to hold the pole in place. Then add earth until tight and compact.

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IMPORTANT: Use a level to make sure the post is straight then secure it in place. This is important otherwise your fence will not be straight.

STEP 3 Marking and installing your intermediate posts

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● Tie a string tight between your posts.

● The height of the intermediate posts should be the height of the chain link mesh + 50mm (2 inches) so that you have a small gap at the bottom of the fence once it has been installed.

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● Mark 3 meters gaps between the corner, gate and end posts which will mark the location of your intermediate posts.

STEP 4) Add tension bands and caps to the posts


● Add tension bands to all posts with the flat side pointing to the outside of the fence.

● If you have corner posts you will need 2 x tensions bands pointing to either side.

● You need to add one less tension band than the height of the fence, in feet. For example

4 feet high fence = 3 tension bands

5 feet high fence = 4 tension bands

6 feet high fence = 5 tension bands

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● Add the caps to all posts as follows

● Caps with loops = middle posts (allows the rail to go through)

● Caps without loops = end posts

● Start to tighten all nuts and bolts but leave some slack to allow for adjustments later.

STEP 5) Install the top rail

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● Push the top rails through the loops in the caps.

● The poles will attach to each other by pushing opposite ends together.

● If the poles are too long cut them with a hacksaw.

● Once the poles are in place fasten all nuts and bolts

STEP 6) Hang the chain link mesh

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● Starting at one of your end posts start to unroll your mesh along the length of your fence

y (1)

● Weave the tension bar through the end of the mesh roll closest to the end post

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● Attach the tension bar to the bottom tension band of the end pole.

● The mesh should also be 2 inches off the ground. If not adjust the height of your tension bands the tighten the bolts.

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● Pull the mesh roll tight along the length of the fence removing any slack.  At this point you only need to remove slack, you are not permanently tightening the fence yet.

jyt (2)

● Add a few wire fence ties to attach the mesh to the top rail.

STEP 7) Stretching the chain link mesh

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● Weave a temporary tension bar about 3ft from your end post

● Then attach a stretcher bar to the tension bar

● Attach a fence puller to the stretcher bar and the end post then crank to the tool tighten the mesh.

● The mesh is tight enough when you can squeeze around 2-4 cm with your hands in the tensioned area of chain link mesh.

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● As you tighten the mesh there is likely to be excess mesh that you will want to remove.

● Unravel a strand of wire from the mesh to remove the excess.

jyt (5)

● Weave the permanent tension bar through the mesh and tension bands attached to the remaining end pole

● Then tighten the tension band nuts and bolts

● Then remove the temporary tension band

jyt (6)

● Secure the mesh to the rail and poles with fence ties

● Space your ties as follows (this doesn’t need to be exact).

24 inches along the rail

12 inches on the line posts


OPTIONAL (prevents animals from getting under your fence). Weave tension wire through the bottom of the mesh along the length of your fence. Then pull tight and tie to your end posts.




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