1.2mw Zn-Al-Mg steel ground mount completed installation in Nagasaki

Nowadays, Zn-Al-Mg solar mount has been the trending considering its features of high anti-corrosion, self-repairing and easy processing. PRO.ENERGY supplied Zn-Al-Mg solar mount which zinc content is up to 275g/㎡, that means at least 30 years practical life. Meanwhile, PRO.ENERGY simplify the structure by less using of complicated fittings will shorter installation period.
Newly installed 535kw Zn-Al-Mg ground solar mount located in Nagasaki where is close to coast. Our engineer repeated communication with customer on the salt damage index before proposing solution. The end, adapted ZAM steel material to design structure to meet requirements of lowest cost but high anti-corrosion.

Post time: Aug-30-2022

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