Farm fence for cattle, sheep, deer, horse

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Farm fence is a kind of weaving fence like chain link fence but it is designed for the enclosure of livestock such as cattle, sheep, deer, horse. So, people also name it "cattle fence" "sheep fence" "deer fence" "horse fence" or "livestock fence".

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PRO.FENCE manufacture farm fence in high grade galvanized steel wire and weave it together by automatic weaving machinery. The wire has zinc coated up to 200g/been recognized by its good anticorrosion and high strength as well. Our farm fence could withstand harsh weather conditions and hold up against multiple strong animals. The weaving machinery we use now could process different woven type knot including Monarch Knot, Square Deal Knot, Cross Lock knot and also different height, wire diameter. What knot type and specification to use that depend on how strong fencing animals require. PRO.FENCE can provide you with completely customized solution to keep a range of different animals safe and secure.


Before you choose a farm fence, you have to consider about the type of livestock you’re looking to contain. This information will determine the farm fence is suit to your need. Different animals’ size and behavioral characteristics make different requirement of height, wire diameter, knot type. Such as the deer is driven through a raceway to take pressure on the fence, so it requires a high-tensile fence in cross lock knot and 6inch spacing. For the cattle is generally the easiest animals to fence in, So we advise single knot type in larger spacing but higher fence. It’s important to understand these differences that will help you choose the right farm fencing.


Wire diameter:2.0-3.6mm



Width: 30/50meters in roll

Height: 1200-2200mm

Accessories: Galvanized

Finished: Galvanized

Field fence


1) High strength

This farm fence is belong to woven fence and made from galvanized steel wire. It comes to provide high tensile to the fence and resist the shock from animals.

2) Good anti-corrosion

The wire is processed in zinc coated before weaving. And the zinc coating is up to 200g/ will play role on anti-corrosion.

3) Easy to install

The farm fence is simple in structure and easy to install. It requires drive the post into ground firstly and then hang the wire mesh and tire it with posts by using wire.

4) Economic

Simple structure also comes with less material will help save cost. Pack it in roll will save the freight of shipment and storage as well.

5) Flexibility

The woven type could add the flexibility on the fence and prevent shocks from animals.

Shipping Info

Item NO.: PRO-07 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA
Payment: EXW/FOB/CIF/DDP Shipping Port: TIANJIANG, CHINA MOQ: 20rolls


Field fence (4)
Field fence (3)
Field fence (1)


  1. 1.      How many types of fence we supply?

Dozens types of fence we supply, including welded mesh fence in all shapes, chain link fences, perforated sheet fence etc. Customized also accepted.

  1. 2.      What materials you design for fence?

Q195 Steel with high strength.

  1. 3.      What surface treatments you done for anti-corrosion?

Hot dip galvanizing, PE powder coating, PVC coating

  1. 4.      What’s advantage compare with other supplier?

Small MOQ acceptable, Raw material advantage, Japanese Industrial Standard, professional engineering team.

  1. 5.      What info are required for a quotation?

Installation condition

  1. 6.      Do you have a quality control system?

Yes, strictly as per ISO9001, full inspection before shipment.

  1. 7.      Can I have samples before my order? What’s the minimum order quantity?

Free mini sample. MOQ Depends on products, please feel free to contact us for any inquires.

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