3D Curved welded wire fence, popular weld mesh fence as safety fencing of residential in North American

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3D Curved welded wire fence is refer to 3D welded wire fence, 3D fence panel, security fence. It is similar with another product M-shape welded wire fence but different in mesh spacing and surface treatment due to different application. This fence is often used in residential buildings to prevent people enter into your house uninvited.

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PRO.FENCE manufactures and distributes a range of weld wire mesh fence to meet many applications. This 3D Curved weld mesh fence is designed for residential using. It is made from steel wire and the wire diameter is up to 5mm after coating. The wires weld together to form the mesh of 75×150mm, creating a tight-fitting and durable barrier. The whole mesh panel is about 2.4m height with 4 triangular curved on it which is high enough as fencing system of houses.

PRO.FENCE supply this type 3D Curved welded wire fence in electrostatic powder coated which looks more smooth on the surface. Or you could choose PVC coating to save cost. This weld wire fence use square post and clamps to assemble which is easy to finish.


It is a ideal fence for residential houses.


Wire Dia.: 5.0mm

Mesh: 150×50mm

Panel size: H500-2500mm×W2000mm

Post: square post

Foundation: concrete block

Fittings: SUS 304

Finished: Electrostatic powder coated / PVC coated (Brown, Black, White etc)

3D curved welded wire mesh fence-1


1) Long service life

It is made from high quality steel wire about 5mm in diameter and electrostatic powder coating about 120g/m2. High strength wire and high corrosion guarantee long service life.

2) Assemble easily

It is consisted of mesh panel, posts and been fixed together by clamps. The simple structure will help to install easily on site.

3) Security

This strong steel fencing can create a secure barrier for your property.

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Item NO.: PRO-03 Lead Time: 15-21 DAYS Product Orgin: CHINA



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